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I have decided to do this to expand my knowledge of coding and because having your own website is just awesome. So welcome to my weekly blog, I hope you enjoy it as much as I will writing it! And make sure to leave a comment and I'll reply!

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14/04/2017-Hi all, this is my first Blog! For the first one I just wanted to give some context to why I started this website. Earlier this week I went to the BloomBerg offices in London (you can check out their site for more information on what they do) I went there for a work experience day and it was incredible. I learnt so much about coding and the platforms they use, I hope I can go back again soon. And then yesterday I went to another work experience in a web programming and design company. After seeing and experiencing how much I could do with my own site I decided to start one. So I got coding, bought a domain and here it is! I enjoy coding lots and in the future would love to be a software engineer. I actually took the photos from my other pages whilst in London. The ones I used were from The Shard which was an amazing thing to do. So hopefully this gives a bit of background information as to why I created this, bye!
01/05/2017-Hi again all, this is a bit of a late update to the blog as firstly, the week I was supposed to update I was in Holland for the week and then the week after I was bombarded with school work so I'm only uploading now so sorry for that. I just wanted to talk about Holland really in this blog and what I did there. We drove to the EuroTunnel on the 16th and stayed in a hotel nearby for the night, then on the day after we took the EuroTunnel into Paris. We then drove into Holland to a town called Wassenaar and we stayed at the Duinrell waterpark, the park looked amazing. We walked around for a bit and decided to head into our caravan, or as we called it our wonky shed. We had a wonderful view of a building site and a wall from a caravan, with broken lightbulb's, dirty beds and the fact we were on a slant, it was perfect. So we complained (we're British, it's what we live for) and asked for an upgrade. The park was fully booked so we were stuck with good ol' shed for the week! Fortunately we spent most of our time out and about either on the park, in the town or in Amsterdam. The town was really cool, it felt and looked just like you'd imagine a twon in Holland to be, it took a while to order food but it was a really nice place. On the one day it rained we went into the water park and it was absolutely HUGE! And I mean huge, there was atleast 15 slides and the wave pool was amazing. And Amsterdam, was incredible, I saw the only windmill in Amsterdam, Anne Frank's house and the canals. The city is beautiful and just as I expected it to be and more. Thanks for reading all, and if anyone has any tips for improving the layout and for creating a comment section please email me at cameronfoster@hotmail.co.uk any help received is greatly appreciated. Bye!
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