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Date, 15/11/2017

It's been a while, and that's due to homework, revision, not having the time and going to Prague. That's really what I'll be talking about in this blog but I will try and upload more frequently on here. We went to Prague, we went on the 30th of October and got back on the 2nd of November. We flew from Bristol airport to Prague and overall had an amazing trip. We did a lot of sightseeing (which you can see from the image carousel I've uploaded with this so be sure to check that out), tried some amazing food and just experienced a really beautiful place. The weather was about what it would normally be in the U.K, rather cold and windy and wet. So most of the time we were wearing hats and gloves. We went to the John Lennon wall, which was amazing, some of the artwrok on there was incredible. We saw Prague castle, the asronomical clock and had dinner on possible the biggest boat I've been on. To talk about the entire trip would take a while, so to put it shortly. We had an amazing time in an amazing place and did some pretty amazing things. new game, coun t how many times I've said amazing Hopefully I'll be uploading more often, be sure to take a look at the photos we took. Bye!



Date, 06/08/2017

So yeah, it's been a while but I do have an excuse. I had all of the weekly blogs done, but whilst they were done I was also working on a better contact box so until that was done I couldn't upload the blogs I'd already done. The contact box was taking waaaay too long so I've put that to the side. But unfortunateky when I tried taking out the section I also (don't ask me how) deleted a lot of other stuff too. I didn't notice at the time so just clicked off my code writing program so when I went back on it the next day I had no idea what had happened. Fortunately I had a backup which is before all the new blogs. So I've had to start where I left off pretty much. But on the other hand, it's Summer! so I've got 6 weeks off school (well its already like 3 weeks in so I've only got 3 left now) but for some reason teachers love to bombard every momentous occassion with a mound of homework the size of Mt. Everest! So I've still got school work but I get to spend a lot more time with my friends. Also, I've got a ticket to meet Joe Weller and get a signed copy of his book in November so that'll be amazing. So yeah, that's about it. I just wanted to explain why nothing has been added for the last 2 months (I didn't realise it's been that long) Bye!



Date, 03/06/2017

Please excuse your regularly scheduled programming for this bonus blog of sorts. Okay, I'm uploading 2 blogs in one day, but the other blog will have the date 30/05/2017 because that was when I had written and was planning to upload it. But I went to Borth and didn't manage to upload then, so sorry for that. So I thought I'd do a bit of a bonus blog of sorts to make up for it. We took a lot of photos whilst in Borth so you may soon see a photography section with various photos from different occasions. Moving on, I went to Borth (obviously) from Wednesday till Friday for my step-sisters birthday as that's what she's wanted to do for ages. So we had her 5th Birthday on the Beach which was really nice. We went to 2 different beaches, Borth and Ynyslas, and Ynyslas has the most amazing ice-cream man in the world. I kid you not, your icecream will be a solid 20cm tall from the cone and at least 10cm wide (just to clarify that was not a paid promotion). And we went into Aberystwyth where we had a meal and I found the greatest sweet shop ever. So naturally I got American candy from there, because it's the best. Well, I hope the 2 blogs in one day makes up for the late upload. That's all, Bye!



Date, 30/05/2017

Late again, tut tut tut.I really do need to get a better grasp on the concept of time. JUst to let you know, if you do leave your email when you send me a message. You'll receive updates when I upload a blog. So if you have sent your email and DON'T want updates. Please let me know. I may get a drone soon after seeing how cheap they're getting so an idea I'm pondering with is a photography/videography section where I can upload any photos I take using various equipment. If you know any good carousels or sliders to display images with or the basic concept of how to code one. Please do shoot me a message. A little backstory to the image, I went over to Ludlow Castle and took some photos and I really liked this one. It's the view out of a battlement/window with this little flower growing in the corner. Which I really liked the turnout of. I might start using more photos like that opposed to previous ones of when I went to London. This was a bit of a random update and was a bit all over the place. But my main aim of this was just to get a blog up. That's all I guess. Bye!



Date, 20/05/2017

So...we got a kitten! That's something to start off with, she's ironically named "Spot",despite her having no prominent spots, and is 6 weeks old. Despite being one of the cutest things I've ever laid eyes on (No.1 is my dog Harry) I get the impression our other dog Jack is not entirely fond of her just yet. I'll update you if a friendship between the two starts or if it ceases to ever exist. Something else that's new is the feedback bar, anything you say on there will be emailed directly to me. If you want a reply put your email at the end of your message so I know what message is from who. I coded the bar and the message box but I did steal the code that allows messages to be sent to me as it's harder than it sounds, and it still sounds very hard! I'm going to try and work on a new widget or something like that to update the page so send me a message letting me know if there's anything you'd like to see in the site like:update sign-up, a photos page or something along those lines. That's about it for this blog. Bye!



Date, 08/05/2017

Can I just start with...WOW! An update on time, not seen that before. But jokes asides, today I'd like to talk about 2 things. The new layout I've been working on and the work I put into this. So if you've not seen the website before all of the new code was put in place, it looked very basic. It was a little hard to code seeing as I was just starting out with HTML. You might have seen it briefly when a line of code redirects you from there to here as I've still got it set as the landing page. If you want to see it just put index.html after the last forward slash in the URL. So you can really see the difference between then and now. And now, has not been easy to code. It took hours and hours and hours to perfect, but I'm really happy with the end result. As happy as I may be with it, I wish to improve upon this again. If you have any tips or advice on how I should improve, please leave a comment or email me at any help received is greatly appreciated. If you've never coded before, you won't understand how complex the code behind a seemingly basic website can be. So a site like this takes a vast amount of effort and knowledge to create. A good way to grasp this concept is by going on websites, left clicking and selecting inspect element this will show you the code behind the website. And you can also have a bit of fun altering some of the text. That's about it for this blog, thanks for taking the time to read. Bye!



Date, 01/05/2017

Hi again all, this is a bit of a late update to the blog as firstly, the week I was supposed to update I was in Holland for the week and then the week after I was bombarded with school work so I'm only uploading now so sorry for that. I just wanted to talk about Holland really in this blog and what I did there. We drove to the EuroTunnel on the 16th and stayed in a hotel nearby for the night, then on the day after we took the EuroTunnel into Paris. We then drove into Holland to a town called Wassenaar and we stayed at the Duinrell waterpark, the park looked amazing. We walked around for a bit and decided to head into our caravan, or as we called it our wonky shed. We had a wonderful view of a building site and a wall from a caravan, with broken lightbulb's, dirty beds and the fact we were on a slant, it was perfect. So we complained (we're British, it's what we live for) and asked for an upgrade. The park was fully booked so we were stuck with good ol' shed for the week! Fortunately we spent most of our time out and about either on the park, in the town or in Amsterdam. The town was really cool, it felt and looked just like you'd imagine a twon in Holland to be, it took a while to order food but it was a really nice place. On the one day it rained we went into the water park and it was absolutely HUGE! And I mean huge, there was atleast 15 slides and the wave pool was amazing. And Amsterdam, was incredible, I saw the only windmill in Amsterdam, Anne Frank's house and the canals. The city is beautiful and just as I expected it to be and more. Thanks for reading all, and if anyone has any tips for improving the layout and for creating a comment section please email me at any help received is greatly appreciated. Bye!



Date, 14/04/2017

Hi all, this is my first Blog! For the first one I just wanted to give some context to why I started this website. Earlier this week I went to the Bloomberg offices in London (you can check out their site for more information on what they do) I went there for a work experience day and it was incredible. I learnt so much about coding and the platforms they use, I hope I can go back again soon. And then yesterday I went to another work experience in a web programming and design company. After seeing and experiencing how much I could do with my own site I decided to start one. So I got coding, bought a domain and here it is! I enjoy coding lots and in the future would love to be a software engineer. I actually took the photos from my other pages whilst in London. The ones I used were from The Shard which was an amazing thing to do. So hopefully this gives a bit of background information as to why I created this, bye!

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